Lady Gaga will return for the new season of American Horror Story!

Lady Gaga, who won "Best Actress" at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards for her role on "American Horror Story: Hotel", is set to return for the show's new season! She confirmed the news on Friday during an interview with Elvis Duran at Z100. Other confirmed stars to return on the show are Angela Basset and Sarah Paulson.


During the interview, Gaga also spoke about her incredible Oscars performance of her song "Till It Happens To You" that focuses on the issue of rape and sexual abuse. She said, "I am so, so proud to hear this song and see it's being heard and see the effects it's having on people. What I've witnessed since the performance is really the most astounding thing I've ever seen. There's so many people in the world that feel alone and this song fills them by bringing them together."


She continued: "You can't have empathy without trying to understand someone's pain. I want young people and old to see that it's okay that you don't have to hide from difficult topics."