"Till It Happens To You" earns 2,120% sales increase during the Oscars week!

Lady Gaga's Oscar-nominated song "Till It Happens to You" earned massive sales boost during the Oscars week! From 2,000 downloads, the song have skyrocketed to nearly 28,000 downloads right after Gaga's emotional Oscar performance. That was a huge sales increase of 2,120%, according to Billboard! In addition, the song was also added by over 30 American radio stations to their playlists.


Written by Diane Warren and Lady Gaga for the rape documentary film The Hunting Ground, "Till It Happens To You" earned an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song. Joining by dozens of rape survivors, Gaga delivers a powerful performance of the song at the recent Oscar Awards, aiming to spread her message of fighting against sexual abuse. If you missed the performance, click here to watch.