Lady Gaga will join US Vice President in a rally against sexual assault

According to Billboard, Lady Gaga is set to join "It's On Us", an event launched by United States Vice President Joe Biden which aims to bring awareness and collective responsibility to the epidemic of sexual assaults on college campuses. As part of the campaign, Gaga and Biden will visit the University of Nevada Las Vegas on April 7th.


Asked why Lady Gaga is a good ambassador for this particular cause, the Vice President told Billboard: "Lady Gaga is brave and sincere. She’s a survivor who has the courage to speak out, and I know how difficult that can be. We’ve talked at length and I admire her courage. She encourages so many other women to step forward."


In the recent Academy Awards, Biden introduces Gaga for her performance of "Till It Happens To You", a song written by Gaga and Diane Warren which reflects the suffering of victims of sexual assault.