Lady Gaga's new music is "funky" according to Nile Rodgers.

Legendary musician and producer Nile Rodgers talks about the new music he and Lady Gaga are creating during a recent interview with The Guardian newspaper. Rodgers explained that he is excited about the songs they're working on for Lady Gaga's much anticipated fifth studio album. "I was in California a couple of weeks ago working with Lady Gaga", he told The Guardian.


When asked by the newspaper to sing a sample of the tracks they're currently creating, Rodgers refuses but teased that Gaga's new music is "funky", saying: "I can’t do that! The hook will be out there and someone will sample it. But it’s really catchy. I can’t tell you about the Lady Gaga music, either, but I can tell you one thing — it’s funky."


Nile Rodgers is a co-founding member and lead guitarist of the iconic band "Chic". He is also behind some of the tracks of David Bowie, Madonna, Sam Smith, Pharrell Williams, and many more. In 2015, Nile Rodgers and Lady Gaga produced a new version of Chic's disco hit "I Want Your Love". They further worked together in a tribute performance for David Bowie at the Grammy Awards earlier this year. Together with other musicians such as Mark Ronson, Elton John, Dianne Warren, and RedOne, Rodgers is currently working for Lady Gaga's new album which is scheduled for release this year.