RedOne will not produce the lead single for LG5 but says the album will feature a "Grammy-worthy song".

Grammy-winning producer and Lady Gaga's long-time collaborator RedOne opens up about his work on Gaga's upcoming new studio album which is scheduled for release this year. Speaking to France's Fun Radio, RedOne, the producer of Gaga's biggest hits like "Just Dance", "Pokerface", and "Bad Romance", revealed that one of the songs he produced was supposed to be released as the lead single from the much-awaited album, but that plan was later scrapped.


"I don't know where she is musically or mentally right now," he said. "We tried to recreate the magic together in the studio and I think we have some amazing songs, but then again, she's very busy. At some point, one of the songs was going to be the first single, but then it changed. I don't know what happened."


RedOne recalled his personal experience in making Gaga's first two highly acclaimed albums "The Fame/The Fame Monster" and "Born This Way", saying, "I met her before she was signed to a label. There was no pressure then and she did things without asking questions. After The Fame she became so famous and the circumstances were very different. It wasn't easy in the studio, there were always lots of people around. It became something else and I couldn't continue that way. I can't deny that the first two albums were magical. It was really easy. Working with many artist is easy, but with Gaga, it was something absolutely magical." RedOne also says that he doesn't like Lady Gaga's ARTPOP, the first Gaga album that didn't feature him. "I didn't like ARTPOP. I respect it as art because she did what she felt inside, but it's not what we do together", he said. 


The producer also assures that the new album will include a "Grammy-worthy song" saying, "We recorded 8 songs, but I don't know their future because Gaga is still looking for the exact direction of the record. Four of these songs are very powerful and one is a GRAMMY-worthy song, very special."


Gaga and RedOne are working for the new album since last year with some other producers such as Mark Ronson, DJ White Shadow, Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder, Diane Warren, and Elton John.