RUMOR: Lady Gaga's character on AHS 6 has something to do with evil puppets.

Golden Globe winning actress Lady Gaga will once again star at the FX horror anthology series "American Horror Story" this year.

According to a report from, which is still subject for confirmation, Lady Gaga will play as an opera singer which will showcase her music skills and creativity at the TV show's upcoming new season. Further rumors suggests that the next season will feature a serial killer that will use Gaga's character as a bait to lure children into a trap, and that particular serial killer could be Mr. Punch, a scary character from the "Punch & Judy Show", a traditional, popular, and usually very violent puppet show. Previous reports said that the recent season of "American Horror Story" have dropped some clues about the upcoming season six with the Thacher School as a significant location. The Thacher School is being considered as the oldest coeducational boarding school in California.

The new season of "American Horror Story" starring Lady Gaga, Evan Peters, Angela Bassett and Sarah Paulson, is expected to premiere this October on FX. Earlier this year, Gaga won Best Actress at the Golden Globe Awards for her show-stopping performance in the previous season of the award-winning TV show.