Paul McCartney: 'I wrote a song for a film and asked Gaga to sing it'

In an exclusive interview with the Washington Post, legendary musician Paul McCartney, who spent a recording session in a studio with Lady Gaga back in February 2015, reveals a new project that will feature Gaga's vocals!


According to McCartney, the project is an upcoming animated movie which theme, title, and release date are still unknown. He claims that he wrote a song for the movie and asked Lady Gaga to sing it, saying: "I'm working on a film project that I'm writing some songs for. An animated film thing. I'd rung up Lady Gaga and asked her to sing this song. The song came out really good, but we can't do anything with it until the film gets made."


Aside from the movie soundtrack, McCartney also revealed that he is writing more songs where he wanted Gaga's vocals to be featured, claiming: "You feel like sometimes you're walking in treacle. We made a start on it and once we get the go-ahead, I will finish up the other songs and record them, and there's one more I'd like Gaga to do."

Lady Gaga and Paul McCartney in a studio, February 2015.