Amazon is selling replicas of Lady Gaga's engagement ring.

Amazon, the biggest online retailer of different products, is currently selling replicas of Lady Gaga's heart-shaped engagement ring from her fiancé Taylor Kinney. The rings are now being distributed throughout United States with price of only $40. Click here to place your orders.


The product which was made with Swarovski Zirconia and platinum-plated stirling silver is an exact reproduction of the original Gaga ring. On Amazon's website, one of its satisfied customers wrote a positive review about the ring, saying: "I just recieved it today it's much more beautiful that I expected! I was worried to main stone would look like cheap plastic and really gaudy and childish because of the large heart design. But no, it actually looks very beautiful and eye-catching! It's a bit large but not as heavy as expected."


The original Lady Gaga ring is made of a stunning 6-carat diamond. A report from E! News estimated that the ring could be worth up to $400,000. Lorraine Schwartz, the ring's designer, admitted that it wasn't easy to create such masterpiece. "It's a challenge to get an excellent heart shape with perfections. The shoulders of the gem have to be totally symmetrical", Lorraine told InStyle. Lady Gaga has been engaged with actor Taylor Kinney since 2015.

The original Lady Gaga engagement ring (left) and it's replica by Amazon (right).