Britney and Katy releases new singles! Lady Gaga is being rumored as next one to unleash new music!

The internet is currently going wild after singers Katy Perry and Britney Spears have unveiled their individual comeback singles just few hours ago! And Lady Gaga is currently being rumored as the next one to do the same thing shortly! Recent speculations have surfaced online that the tracklist for Gaga's new studio album is now finished, and that Gaga is set to announce something about her new music in the next few days or weeks. Lady Gaga is also rumored to perform a new single next month at the MTV Video Music Awards which makes sense if Gaga is really to drop new music soon.


On Thursday night, Katy Perry releases her new single "Rise" on iTunes and Apple Music. The song which is an uplifting track with a dash of electronic influence is said to be an anthem for the 2016 Rio Olympics. At the same time, Britney Spears, who is set to drop her 9th studio album this year, also unleashes her new sexy summer single, titled "Make Me" featuring rapper G-Eazy.


With these huge music releases happening right now, some sources are claiming that Lady Gaga, whose new pop album is also scheduled to drop sometime in 2016, is the next one to reveal a new single very soon. After Katy and Britney releases their new tracks, a famous insider account have posted a "cryptic" Tweet, saying: "Lady Gaga is next! Not saying when but it's my favorite of the three."


What do you think Monsters? Will Lady Gaga finally drop new music like Britney and Katy did? Leave a comment below.



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    Gaga release it. I cant wait anymore!!!!!!!