Highway patrol officers ordered Gaga to stop while driving in Malibu!

Lady Gaga, who had her driver's license for only a few weeks, was spotted being ordered by a police officer to pull over at the side of the road while driving a red truck at the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California on Friday!


After the report spreads online, Lady Gaga took to social media to share her reaction and revealed that she haven't yet received registration plates for her new car that's why cops causes to pull over her vehicle. "Ya I got pulled over. Big deal! I just haven't received plates yet for my new pick up!", Lady Gaga tweeted.

Highway patrol officers usually instructs motorists to pull over or stop if they sees the drivers violating certain road traffic rules such as weaving between lanes, going through the red light, or driving over the maximum speed limit.


Earlier this month, Lady Gaga took to Instagram to share suitably overjoyed photos announcing that she passed her road test in California after years of driving with a learner's permit. However, it looks like she is currently getting trouble and already got in a crash course in getting pulled over by police officers.


See photos obtained by TMZ below: