Lady Gaga takes a new role, a Godmother to Brian Newman's daughter.

Lady Gaga is back in New York City to attend a special family event of her childhood friend musician Brian Newman. The event was a baptism of Newman's baby daughter and Gaga was invited to take a new important role as the baby's Godmother!


Wearing a fabulous pink dress made by Valenzuelian fashion designer Carolina Herrera, Lady Gaga took to Instagram on Sunday to share a lovely photo of herself and the baby. She captioned the photo: "So proud to be made one of the Godmother’s of our little angel Sistilia. Brian Newman and his wife Angie have been my friends since we were kids on the lower east side. It was a beautiful baptism and Italian style feast. We love u sissy!"


Jazz musician and trumpet player Brian Newman is one of Lady Gaga's childhood friends from New York. He is most known for his numerous performances with Gaga and his appearances at Gaga's jazz shows with legendary singer Tony Bennett in 2015.