Is Lady Gaga documenting new album with film producer Chris Moukarbel?

Lady Gaga was spotted with a famous documentary director and they are obviously doing a new project, a documentary or a visual film that could and might potentially be part of Gaga's new music!

Wearing jeans, a black shirt with matching shades, and a lavalier microphone on her belt, Lady Gaga stepped out of her Manhattan apartment in New York City on Wednesday with a camera rolling behind her. She was seen being filmed by Chris Moukarbel, an American director, producer and visual artist who is known for making numerous award-winning documentary movies. One of Moukarbel's famous masterpieces is the 2014 Emmy nominated documentary film 'Banksy Does New York'.


Fans speculates that Lady Gaga, who is expected to release new music soon, is cooking something with the popular film creator with some suggesting that they might be filming a new Gaga music video or a documentary film about Gaga's new album, or maybe a short movie about her career and her life in New York. Whatever it is, the new film project is surely something that everyone shouldn't miss.