Lady Gaga's new album is believed to be in the finishing stages already.

Lady Gaga flaunts her sexy figure as she made her way to a recording studio somewhere at the West Village in Lower Manhattan in New York City on Sunday. Wearing a two-piece denim ensemble made by J Brand Jeans, white Converse sneakers, and oversized sunglasses, Lady Gaga went to the studio carrying a guitar and an American flag jacket.


Many fans believes that Gaga, who promises to put out a new pop album this year, is already in the finishing stages of preparing her new music, especially that she already met executives at her record label in California last month to discuss marketing strategies for the new album. However, some fans disagrees to this speculation and believes that Gaga is still in the process of recording musical layers for her tracks using simple guitar sequence and is not yet engaged in the final mixing of the entire album, considering that she was seen a couple of times carrying a guitar while heading to a studio in New York City. 

Numerous music insiders have already claimed that Lady Gaga's comeback to the music industry is already on the horizon with some saying that the new album's lead single is coming out this August. Last month, The Daily Star have cited in one of their reports that Lady Gaga is set to perform a new single at the MTV VMAs on August 28th. In collaboration with music producers Mark Ronson and RedOne, Lady Gaga's new album which is still untitled, is set to come out in the final quarter of 2016 according to sources who told Billboard.