No new jazz album is coming out this year. Lady Gaga is busy according to Tony Bennett.

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have lighten up the historic Empire State Building in New York City today in celebration of Tony's 90th Birthday. Honoring the singer's contribution to American music over the last 90 years, the event was organized by the Empire State Realty Trust, Inc. in partnership with iHeartMedia.


Legendary singer Tony Bennett, who collaborated with Lady Gaga in 2014 to release the Grammy winning jazz record 'Cheek To Cheek', have confirmed that they cannot put out another album together this year due to Gaga being currently busy. However, Tony revealed that next year they will begin making a new collaborative album. "She's busy right now, but at the beginning of next year we'll start doing an album. There'll be just wonderful songs that she and I both like. The first one went way over a million, and it's still selling", he told Billboard today.


2016 is indeed a very busy year for Lady Gaga because she is scheduled to release a new pop album this year. She is also one of the confirmed actors to star in the new season of 'American Horror Story' which is set to premiere on September 14th.