Lady Gaga's character in AHS6 is the most devastating creature in the show's history?

Golden Globe winning actress Lady Gaga is set to return as cast member in the upcoming sixth season of 'American Horror Story'. Although the theme for the show's new season remains unknown to public, several speculations and rumours surrounding Gaga's character on the show are already surfacing on the web, including the rumours about Gaga playing as an opera singer who murders children and the most recent story claiming that Gaga might play as an "evil fairy" on the show.



Just recently, revealed that Lady Gaga will be an evil fairy on the show and described her character as "her best screen work to date". However, there is a new Twitter page (@AHS6Leak) that is claiming to know huge info about the new season. The page reveals that Gaga's character is not necessarily a fairy but a "supernatural entity" that is responsible for the mysterious disappearance of a city in 1500's.



AHS6Leak said in one of its recent tweets that Lady Gaga's character on the show is known as "Croatoan", which is said to become the most devastating creature in the history of the award winning horror anthology series. The word "Croatoan" was first discovered being carved into a gatepost of a colony which mysteriously went missing in 1590. This particular story is described as America's oldest unsolved mystery which eventually became the subject of numerous scary ghost stories.



TMZ was able to obtain exclusive photos of the set of the much-awaited new season. One of the photos shows the word "Croatoan" carved into the bark of a tree along with other images of what appears to be an abandoned village. Directed by Ryan Murphy, 'American Horror Story' Season 6 will premiere on September 14th on FX starring Lady Gaga, Matt Bomer, Angela Basset, Sarah Paulson, and more!

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