Something is coming "soon" according to Jo Calderone!


Something is coming "soon". That is according to the hunky model Jo Calderone, a fictional male alter-ego to Lady Gaga created as a "mischievous experiment" by Gaga herself in collaboration with Nick Knight in 2010.



Little Monsters goes crazy on social media on Friday when @JoCalderone, a Twitter account believed to be one of online accounts that's being secretly run by Lady Gaga herself, tweets the word "Soon". Fans are now starting to speculate that Lady Gaga, who is set to release her new single "Perfect Illusion" in the mid-September, could possibly drop the new music sooner than we expected with some believing that Gaga might premiere the song with a surprise performance at the MTV VMAs on Sunday!



For many fans, Jo Calderon's latest tweet is an essential clue on Lady Gaga's upcoming releases with some suggesting that the tweet could pertain to a possible release of the official single cover for "Perfect Illusion" in the next few days! People are also hoping that Lady Gaga's upcoming new music era would feature Jo Calderone once more.



In 2010, Jo Calderone was first featured as a fashion model for the Autumn/Winter issue of Vogue Hommes Japan in collaboration with SHOWstudio, stylist Nicola Fomichetti, and photographer Nick Knight. Jo then returned as a character in Lady Gaga's 2011 music video for "You and I". He made his first live appearance at the MTV VMAs on August 28, 2011 wherein he did a monologue and sang "You and I". Talking about the creation of Jo Calderone's character as her male alter-ego, Lady Gaga told V Magazine in 2011: "Beginning as an invention of my mind, Jo Calderone was created with Nick Knight as a mischievous experiment."