Lady Gaga's cover artwork for 'Perfect Illusion' could be used to reveal Apple's new iPhone 7?


UPDATE: It is already confirmed that this rumour is NOT true. According to Apple, Lady Gaga will not attend or premiere new material during the Apple event on September 7th.


We're definitely getting a new music from Lady Gaga soon. Her new single titled 'Perfect Illusion', co-produced by Mark Ronson and Kevin Parker, is coming out in September. No specific date of release was given. Also, an official cover artwork for the single is still yet to be revealed.


No one knows more details about the new Lady Gaga song, however, there is a brand new rumour circulating on Twitter saying that Gaga's cover artwork for 'Perfect Illusion' could potentially be revealed during Apple's press conference on September 7th in San Francisco, California wherein a new iPhone and updated Apple watches are going to be unveiled.



On Tuesday, a certain Twitter user have claimed that her dad, who apparently works at Apple, have told her that Apple is set to use the cover artwork for Lady Gaga's 'Perfect Illusion' for the event. The Twitter user further revealed that the partnership is a 'marketing deal' between Lady Gaga and Apple.


If this rumour is true, then Lady Gaga could potentially obtain a huge promotional advantage for her new single on September 7th because the Apple event is going to be broadcasted live worldwide on and on other big entertainment, news, and media websites including at 10 a.m. PDT!