Mark Ronson says LG5 features a 'husky and wounded' Lady Gaga voice.

Gaga X Ronson
Gaga X Ronson


Mark Ronson, the main music producer of Lady Gaga's upcoming new studio album, is the featured artist in the latest installment of 'A Polaroid Story', a series of polaroid videos which documents the lives and careers of different music artists.


Interviewed by founder Elizabeth Ouni, Mark Ronson revealed in the short documentary that some 'incredible' people are involved in making Lady Gaga's new music, saying: "There's some incredible people working on it, but I feel like she's the artist, it's her place when she thinks the time is right to tell the story."



"It's some of my favorite music I've ever worked on", Ronson continued. Talking about Lady Gaga's own vocals on the new record, the producer admitted that it's something that he never heard before, saying, "It's like this different side of her voice that I guess I never really heard before." Ronson also told Ouni that some songs on the new album features 'husky and wounded' Lady Gaga vocals. "Because the songs are so personal, it's quite husky and wounded and not as maybe massive as some of the other recordings. It's a voice that gives you a hug almost".


As a first single from her new album, Lady Gaga is expected to release 'Perfect Illusion', produced by Mark Ronson, Kevin Parker, and Bloodpop, sometime this September. No one knows an exact date of release, however, recent rumours claimed that the new song will come out on September 9th.