Lady Gaga confirms 'Perfect Illusion' Friday release and unveils the single artwork.

New Lady Gaga photoshoot posted on Apple Music.
New Lady Gaga photoshoot posted on Apple Music.


After days of speculations, the Friday release of Lady Gaga's brand new single 'Perfect Illusion' is finally confirmed and official.



Lady Gaga took to social media on Tuesday to announce that the new single is indeed coming out on Friday (September 9th) by posting an image of what appears to be a performance stunt. The photo made many fans very curious. Because Gaga is currently being rumored to be teaming up with Apple, some fans thinks that the photo might be a still from an upcoming ad for the company's latest products.



Shortly after the announcement, Lady Gaga unveiled a raw and natural-looking 'Perfect Illusion' single artwork which features herself jumping on air while holding a mic, wearing a black shirt, denim shorts, and a pair of boots. The artwork, which was made in collaboration with photographers Ruth Hogben and Andrea Gelardin, was praised by a member of ATRL's forum and claimed that Gaga has "every possible recognition for being an outstanding musician".



96.1 KISS, a radio station owned by iHeartMedia in Pennsylvania, is claiming that they will premiere Lady Gaga's 'Perfect Illusion' on Thursday at 11 p.m. EST, that's moments before it's official release on Apple Music. In collaboration with music producers Mark Ronson, Kevin Parker, and Bloodpop, 'Perfect Illusion' by Lady Gaga will be released as the first single from her new studio album which fans refer to as 'LG5'.