Diane Warren thanked Lady Gaga for winning her first Emmy Award.


'Till It Happens To You', a song written by Lady Gaga and Diane Warren for the 2015 documentary film 'The Hunting Ground', has won the award for Best Original Music and Lyrics at the 2016 Emmy Awards!



Even though Lady Gaga is not credited for the award, Diane Warren still took the time to thank Gaga for working with her in creating a song that addresses the issue of sexual assaults in the United States. "I would like to thank Lady Gaga for being brave enough to work on this with me, giving voice to those who are silent, who are afraid to speak, because I thought no one would hear them", Diane said  during her acceptance speech. She continued: "You are not alone. We hear you."



Lady Gaga and Diane Warren have collaborated with each other to write and compose the song. However, Television Academy didn't recongnize Lady Gaga's contributions to the song and didn't let her to be nominated at the Emmys along with Diane. "The minimum cue sheet percentage for eligibility is 20 percent. Diane and Gaga worked it out internally that Diane had 90 percent and Gaga had 10 percent, so Gaga was not eligible and hence did not join Diane on the entry form," A representative of the Television Academy told Billboard last July the reason why. Cue sheets break down artists' contributions in writing songs, and cue sheets credits from Diane Warren is the only one Emmy recognizes.