Lady Gaga reveals that LG5 is almost finished and confirms new concert tour!


Lady Gaga was interviewed today on Vodafone Big Top 40, one of United Kingdom's biggest radio programs on commercial radio. Promoting her newly released single 'Perfect Illusion', Gaga revealed that her new studio album is almost finished. Speaking to radio host Marvin Humes, Gaga said: "The album is almost completely finished and I've never been this finished with an album at the time I was releasing the first single." She added: "I'm usually still cutting down tracks and things, but not for this. This we have pretty homed in."



Lady Gaga also revealed her excitement to return for a brand new headlining concert tour! When asked when she's going back to U.K., Gaga told Humes: "I'm definitely going back to do some performances. I'm gonna tour again certainly. I can't wait to tour this album!" She continued: "I'm always in the studio with Mark and the guys whipping my hair around and dancing just like practicing my moves."



Lady Gaga is set to go back in New York City today to start promoting her new single in the United States wherein she will do new radio interviews with Elvis Duran and Andy Cohen.