RECAP: Lady Gaga talks about Perfect Illusion, LG5, collab with Florence, and many more in new radio interviews!

Lady Gaga photographed by Gareth Cattermole
Lady Gaga photographed by Gareth Cattermole


Lady Gaga is back in New York City to start promoting her newly released single 'Perfect Illusion' in the United States. Her promotional campaign includes doing several radio interviews with some of the biggest radio stations in the country such as Z100 and Sirius XM. During the interviews, Lady Gaga talked about her new single, revealed so much new info about her new upcoming new studio album, unveiled the title of her new song with Florence Welch, and many more! (You can read the summarized excerpts below or watch/listen to the full interviews on the very end of this page)



About her new album:


"It's coming very soon, I'm not going to tell you when, but it isn't far away. I'm actually going to the studio with Mark Ronson tonight to continue finishing."


"Every song on this album is autobiographical. These songs are implicitly related to things relating to my life. I always have had dreams to make music and be an entertainer. I could never lie about those dreams."


"Once you hear the album title of the album, you'll see the goal is to create balance in my life."


"This won't be a concept album, each song has its own story. Some will make you laugh, other cry, other dance and scream."


"It features a beautiful song with RedOne."



About 'Perfect Illusion':


"Perfect Illusion is about a lot of different people in my life, a lot of different things."


"The record is about being so intoxicated with love, so high dilated, falling free in a modern ecstasy that you wake up one day and you can't believe that it was not real."


"This song is not a hit-out against Taylor. He's my best friend. This song is just about not only feelings that I've had, but that he's had, that my friends have had, my sister has in her relationship. It's a record about all of us. I would never use my song or want to use the public to hurt anyone that I love so much."



About her collaboration with Florence Welch:


"There's songs like "Hey Girl" with Florence about women lifting each other up. So, each record is about these sort of different things I've experienced just going back to being a woman and erasing fame from the equation when I'm in the studio."


"Florence and I when we were working together we cried, we laughed, we hugged each other."


"The lyrics open with me singing, 'Hey girl can you hear me, are you holding out your heart,' to which she responds, 'Hey girl can you feel me, sometimes I go too far.' Then I sings, 'Hey girl it ain't easy I know it's pulling me apart. Hey girl don't you leave me. Hey girl we can make it easy if we lift each other. We don't need to on oneing-up another.'"



About her new tour:


"I certainly going back on tour next year."


"These shows will be whatever feels right. The music is going to dictate the show. The music is really fun, but it's dynamic and I feel the show is going to be that way. It's going to make you laugh, and cry, and dance, and jump, and scream. And I miss my fans so much and I certainly want to give them what they want. And I think I know what they want. I think I do."



About 'A Star Is Born':


"I will be doing the whole soundtrack for the film. I'm an executive producer of it."


"Bradley Cooper is amazing to work with. He is so talented, he's so fun. He really is my friend."


"I laugh, cry, get excited and completely sob when I read the script to the new 'A Star is Born'."


Watch / Listen to the full new Lady Gaga radio interviews below: