Hillary Lindsey: 'Joanne Is Not A Country Album'


Award-winning songwriter Hillary Lindsey, who is known for co-writing 'Girl Crush' by Little Big Town and 'Jesus, Take the Wheel' by Carrie Underwood, is one of Lady Gaga's collaborators for her new album 'Joanne' which is set for worldwide release on October 21st.


Entertainment Weekly exclusively revealed that Lindsey co-wrote three songs on Gaga's new album: 'A-Yo', 'Million Reasons', and 'Grigio Girls'. During an exclusive interview with the magazine, the songwriter shared brand new info about the new album. Lindsey clarified that the album is not a country record despite of having some folk influences of acoustic guitar. "If we are talking about the style of music, this record is not country by any stretch of the imagination", she says. "It has some folk influences at times, maybe some acoustic guitar, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's country."


Lady Gaga (left) and Hillary Lindsey (right)
Lady Gaga (left) and Hillary Lindsey (right)


Lady Gaga first met Hillary Lindsey in June when one of the executives from Interscope have invited Lindsey to work on Gaga's new album. Lindsey exclusively revealed with Entertainment Weekly that during the creative process of Lady Gaga's album, the singer oftenly speaks about her personal life and that their conversations directly inspired the new music they wrote together.


'Joanne' is an emotional album which was named in tribute to Lady Gaga's late aunt Joanne Germanotta whose death deeply affected her family. According to Hillary Lindsey, Lady Gaga is 'speaking from the heart' on this album. "I hope fans hear it for what it is: Lady Gaga speaking from the heart." She added: "She can show the world that she doesn't need all the tricks. She can still grab you and have you in the palm of her hand."


'Joanne' by Lady Gaga will become available for pre-order in the upcoming days. Stay tuned for updates!