WATCH: Lady Gaga talks about 'Joanne', Super Bowl, and more in a latest interview.


Wearing a fabulous Emilio Pucci body suit and a pink hat, Lady Gaga visited the studio of 97.1 AMP Radio in Los Angeles today to talk about her new music, her mini-tour at dive bars, her upcoming Super Bowl gig, and many more!



In an interview with radio host Carson Daly, Lady Gaga reveals that her new album 'Joanne', which is scheduled for release on October 21st, features 'different vibes', saying: "The album has a lot of different vibes on it. There's country, there's folk on it, there's dance on it, funk, there's rock, there's a lot of pop. Pop songs with all these different influences of music."


According to Lady Gaga herself, the album, which was inspired by her late aunt who tragically died at a very young age, is about 'human connection'. "The spirit of Joanne came through me in every song, so that's what this album is about. It's a lot about human connection and you can hear it through the music."



Promoting the album, Lady Gaga is set to embark on a mini-tour of dive bars accross the United States in partnership with Bud Light. The tour will kick off on Wednesday in a secret location with a live stream to be provided on Bud Light's official Facebook page. "Dive bars, by the way that I grew up in New York when I was 19 on the Lower East Side, everybody had a production. It's intimate, but you also have to think of things that are simple on your own and it requires using your mind on a small stage. I want people to show up and see something very big in a very small place."


From dive bars with small crowds, Lady Gaga will eventually take the biggest stage in the world, the Super Bowl halftime show, next year! Talking about performing at the iconic world stage, Gaga said that she wants to take the show to the next level using creativity and music. "The best way to push the envelope is with your guts and your talent. And then you also want to push the envelope in terms of your creativity and your music and taking the show to the next level."


During the interview, Lady Gaga also performed an acoustic version of her latest single 'Perfect Illusion'. Listen below:

Listen to the full interview: