Lady Gaga had an emotional interview with Jojo Wright.


Lady Gaga have once again visited the studio of 102.7 KIIS FM for another radio interview, and this time, with radio host Jojo Wright.


The interview becomes epic when Lady Gaga got emotional while talking about her new album 'Joanne', which was named in tribute to her father's sister who died at a very young age. "Life was a dog fight for Joanne, my aunt who died, and life has been a dog fight for me in a lot of ways", Gaga told Jojo. "Joanne has inspired me to feel less ashamed about how tough I am. I'm a tough girl."


Jojo Wright immediately notices Lady Gaga is holding back tears during the interview and asks, "Are you crying, Lady Gaga? I feel like I should say something funny to make you laugh."



During the interview, Lady Gaga also sang a short line from a new song called 'Hey Girl'. Listen to the audio clip below:




"It wasn't that long ago we were living in the jungle so why do we gotta put each other down when theres more than enough love to go around."



The song 'Hey Girl' is collaboration between Lady Gaga and English musician Florence Welch. In an interview with Elvis Duran last month, Lady Gaga revealed that the song is all about 'women lifting each other up'. Talking about working with the songwriter, Gaga told Elvis: "Florence and I when we were working together we cried, we laughed, we hugged each other."



The song is featured on Gaga's new album 'Joanne', which is set to come out on October 21st with a pre-order that will start on October 6th.


Lady Gaga's next radio interview is scheduled on Friday at 3pm EST at Radio Disney!