Lady Gaga: 'Joanne is my brand of pop when I want to push the envelope.'


Lady Gaga was interviewed today on ABC's "Good Morning America" wherein she talked about her newly released album 'Joanne', her new single 'A-Yo', headlining the Super Bowl halftime show, and more!



When TV host Michael Strahan cited about an album review saying that Lady Gaga's new album is a country record, Gaga admitted that the album is indeed influenced by country music, however, she still consider it as a pop record, her own 'brand of pop'. "My mom was from West Virginia so I grew up listening to country music with her, so that had an influence. But the album isn't just country. It's folk, it's dance, it's pop, it's funk." Gaga said. "Essentially, it is a pop record, you know, my brand of pop when I want to push the envelope."


Watch the full interview below:


Lady Gaga's new album 'Joanne' is now available worldwide. Download the album HERE.


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