The latest Italian edition of 'Vanity Fair' features a stunning Lady Gaga photoshoot.

The December 2016 issue of the Italian edition of Vanity Fair, which is now available in newsstands in Italy, features Lady Gaga on the cover.

Lady Gaga on the cover of the latest issue of Italian Vanity Fair.
Lady Gaga on the cover of the latest issue of Italian Vanity Fair.

Photographed by American artist and fashion photographer Collier Schorr, Lady Gaga is the star of the latest issue of the famous magazine for popular culture and fashion, alongside English singer Adele.

Most of Gaga's photoshoot for the magazine was shot somewhere in her mansion's backyard in Malibu, California. In the photos, Gaga can be seen riding her horse, fashionably floating in a pool, and strolling around the relaxing meadows outside her home.

The stunning photoshoot is not the only interesting thing in the magazine's latest issue. It also features an intimate interview with the 30 year old singer wherein she talks about motherhood and opens up about her interest in becoming a mother someday.

"I am thrilled to be 30. At this age you are freer. You're a woman, and the most powerful thing a woman can do, if she chooses to, is to give life", Lady Gaga told the magazine. "The thought of being a mother one day excites me. I don't know when it will happen. But, hopefully, soon. But I want to send the message that giving birth to a child does not mean to stop being young: it is a high time in the life of a woman, you must live it as a strength, not a weakness."

Lady Gaga also revealed that she's not afraid or become ashamed of aging. "I hope my fans know that I'll still be on stage when I'm 79, sitting at the piano and singing like Tony Bennett. Because I'll never be afraid to show the world my age", she said.