Lady Gaga's Super Bowl show earned positive reviews and becomes one of the most watched Halftime Shows ever.


Lady Gaga's electrifying performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show on Sunday can be considered as one of the most highly acclaimed halftime shows ever. The 13-minute performance gained positive reaction from general public, from celebrities, and from world's biggest publications!


Even sports analyst and expert Tony Cutillo expresses what he felt about Gaga's performance. "Lady Gaga's performance ranks as a solid No. 2 next to the late Prince. Her decision to focus on unity, instead of a Trump divide was the right card to be played. From the rooftop performance to the drones, her performance embodied what truly makes America great," he told FOX Business.



Bonnie Fuller, editor-in-chief at, also praises Lady Gaga's message of 'national unity' during the show. "Lady Gaga delivered an immensely entertaining halftime show, but it did start with a message of national unity and inclusion", he said. "She sang a verse of 'This Land Is Our Land' – the unofficial anthem of the 'Resist Trump' movement – and she deliberately had her red and blue stars twinkle separately in the night sky, and then blend in a hopeful symbol of togetherness."



The spectacular halftime show didn't just generate positive reviews from critics but also incredibly high television ratings. According to Nielsen, Lady Gaga's halftime performance saw a ratings boost of 50.0, compared to the game's 48.8 overall rating, which means more people tuned in to see Gaga rather than the Super Bowl game itself.


Variety also reports that the show was able to generate 117.5 million live televiewers, becoming the second most watched halftime show in history, only behind Katy Perry's in 2015 which was watched by 118.5 million people.


Just in case you missed Gaga's astounding 13-minute Super Bowl Halftime Show, you can watch it below: