Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Show is the Most Watched Musical Event in HISTORY! Atleast 150 million people watched it!


Lady Gaga's recent Super Bowl Show is obviously one of the most ground-breaking moments of her career. The performance was overwhelmed with praises and was able to make historical success!


According to a latest statement from the National Football League on Friday (Feb 17), Lady Gaga's well-reveiwed performance at the recent Super Bowl Halftime Show is officially the "most watched musical event in history" considering all platforms. The NFL announced that nearly 118 million people tuned into the show during the live broadcast of FOX network. The breathtaking performance was also watched by atleast 150 million unique viewers through NFL's official channels and platforms including their official website and social media pages.


Lady Gaga performing her iconic hit 'Bad Romance' at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.
Lady Gaga performing her iconic hit 'Bad Romance' at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.


In addition, an initial report from Nielsen shows that Lady Gaga's halftime performance saw a ratings boost of 50.0, compared to the game's 48.8 overall rating, which means more people tuned in to see Gaga rather than the Super Bowl game itself.


In the statement, Mark Quenzel, the NFL Network's senior vice president of programming and production, also praises Gaga's incredible Super Bowl show, saying: "The halftime show provides the ultimate world stage for an artist. Through her incredible music, choreography, and unifying message, Lady Gaga created a unique performance that will be remembered for years to come."


Did you missed Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Halftime performance? Watch it below: